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Free Download Udemy Learn fiberglass-silicon molds and sculpture. With the help of this course, you can Learn how to make perfect copies of your original molds with traditional technique. Hollow copies. Suitable for Bronzes. This course was created by Francesca Dalla Benetta for a duration of 05:45:49 explained in English. There are a lot of users enrolled in this course, so don’t wait to download yours now. Before you enroll this course you need to have No knowledge of sculpture of any kind is necessary.A table and a bench with good lightA space to work VENTILATED, since the materials used are chemical. A secluded space where you live is ideal (basement, rooftop or a studio)Use of adequate protections: gloves and mask with filtersHERRAMIENTAS: Espatula dental plana, Taladro, Mototul (opcional), Brochas, Cutter, Desarmador, Tornillos y tuercasThe materials we use are: Spray separator (release agent), Spray clear lacquer, Plasticine, Metal spatula, Silicone rubber, silicone diluent (optional) and TP catalyst, silicone coloring (optional), Cups and tongue-swings, Brushes, Gaza, Polyester resin (normal type or crystal) and its catalyst, Fiberglass, Cabosil (resin bonding agent), automotive paste to be repaired, Water sandpaper (150 and 240), rigid Polyurethane, Thinner, Wire.

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